ShadowSuite Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Bookkeeping solution:
ShadowSuite provides complete bookkeeping of crypto assets and tokens communicating through third party wallet service solutions. This enables a broker/dealer to maintain crypto positions on account for the benefit of a client or firm position with real-time update, reconciliation and all audit capabilities expected by a regulated broker/dealer.

Trade Capture:
ShadowSuite electronically consumes execution records, regardless of currency or volume, for the Crypto Currency or Token and will enrich the execution with fees and commissions structured specifically for the market through ShadowSuite’s user configurable fees and commission engine. Users can net, allocate or flip executions where required.

Trade Reconciliation:
ShadowSuite can perform both real-time and end-of-day trade reconciliations with execution platforms, liquidity provider or counterparties based on user defined comparison thresholds.

Blockchain Forks and Airdrops:
ShadowSuite automated processes will produce entitlements to holders of positions effected by Forks and Airdrops that will be awarded to holders either automatically or with user approval. These entitlements will be processed with the appropriate controls to allow for complete reconciliation for positions held in wallet services.

ShadowSuite performs real-time instruct of the receipt or delivery to the wallet service, maintains the “open item” until notification of the delivery or receipt of the position is made; at which time it will take down the open item awarding position to the appropriate account.

ShadowSuite performs real-time management of currency balances, by banking location, with excess/deficit projections. ShadowSuite functionality includes a comprehensive wire system with a user defined, rules-based approval process with the ability to instruct both Fed and SWIFT wires.

Firm and Client Management:
ShadowSuite has the full firm and client experience. Its comprehensive account master contains all firm and client static data, standard settlement instructions data, cost basis and 1099 information. ShadowSuite produces confirms and consolidated statements with all positions and financing, regardless of asset class or currency along with margin and seg information.

ShadowSuite has at its core a multi-currency general ledger that will provide a separate general ledger for each currency where there is activity along with a consolidated general ledger in the reporting currency of the firm or its client. These general ledgers are updated in real-time message-to-message.

Audit and Control:
Because ShadowSuite is a real-time system, it can update your firm’s risk, compliance and credit groups throughout the current day and not just once at the beginning of day. ShadowSuite also maintains a full audit trail of all activity to address any needs of your audit department or regulatory body.