ShadowSuite’s Database

Timely Data

Legacy systems process by asset class resulting in numerous independent databases. Firms seeking a single enterprise-wide database must consolidate these databases. This consolidation process requires an investment in people and infrastructure and an allocation of time from the finite amount available during the overnight “batch-cycle”.


The regulatory environment leaves timely consolidated data in high demand. Legacy systems rely on the overnight “batch-cycle” to stay current so are not an ideal solution for timely reporting.


ShadowSuite’s Database Is Truly Real-Time

ShadowSuite’s core is a relational database that has fully integrated into it all asset classes, all financing transactions and all related functions such as fees and commissions, billing, dividends, interest, corporate actions, seg, margin, collateral and cash management, confirms and statements. Consolidate trading data right out-of-the-box.


ShadowSuite speaks message-to-message during the current day with clearing corporations, DTCC and client surrogates such as a prime broker or FCM. Firms don’t have to wait for the overnight “batch-cycle” to be completed to have timely consolidated data. Since ShadowSuite aggregates a firm’s activity in one place, it serves as the “gold” source of information for the operations, trading, treasury and accounting teams along with the ability to update risk, compliance, credit and audit throughout the current day.


ShadowSuite’s smaller foot print overnight “batch- cycle” performs true inter-day processes like valuation, unrealized P&L calculations, bond interest accruals and the like and not on the consolidation of data process itself.


ShadowSuite is an Enterprise-Wide SaaS Solution

Utilizing the latest technology, ShadowSuite® is the premier highly scalable, real-time, exceptions based solution for middle and back-office post-trade processing, reconciliation, clearance, settlement, treasury and accounting. Regardless of trading volume, ShadowSuite handles all combinations of currencies, asset classes, financing transactions and related functions like fees and commissions, corporate actions, confirms, statements, billing, sub-accounting, cost basis, margin and regulatory reporting.


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