Shadow Financial Systems

The Founders grew up on the support side of the securities industry where post-trade processing was being done on multiple legacy systems with numerous manual processes and data access restricted to a legion of reports. Consolidation of the data from the numerous legacy systems was another topic entirely.


The Founders saw technology changing but noticed that only the front-office was gravitating towards it. The Founders thought why not the middle and back-office too.


The mission that began in 1997 was to utilize the latest technology available and have, in real-time regardless of currency or volume, the post-trade processing for all asset classes, all financing transactions and all related functions fully integrated on one relational database. That vision has been realized and that single enterprise-wide post-trade processing solution is called ShadowSuite.


Shadow Financial Systems remains privately held by its founders and its Executive Team is as follows:

Donald Marino, Chief Executive Officer
Joe South, President
Julio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer
Chris Bell, Chief Administrative Officer

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