Integrate Trade Feeds from Multiple Sources with ShadowConnect

ShadowConnect™ is a centralized hub for the incorporation of global trade feed handlers and the consolidation of this data into standardized trade execution reports. Not limited to any specific asset class, ShadowConnect captures all trades and transforms them into a standard message format that can be routed and converted again for delivery to single or multiple downstream systems. Through ShadowConnect’s detailed reports, users gain increased visibility into imports, trades, exports and exceptions. Often used in conjunction with ShadowSuite®, ShadowConnect can also be licensed separately.


Proven, easy-to-use solution eliminates the need for redundant systems

ShadowConnect simplifies the process of capturing trades into back-office systems. A proven solution that delivers value from day one, ShadowConnect provides a reliable method of integrating feeds from multiple sources without the need for expensive custom programming.

ShadowConnect’s Features and Functionality Includes:

  • Variety of Interfaces: ShadowConnect supports interfaces with TOMS, BrokerTec, eSpeed, Fidessa, Liberty, Prebon and Garban among others.
  • Proprietary Scripting Language: ShadowConnect provides flexibility in the way trades process downstream and the scripts can be maintained by in-house IT teams.
  • Direct Connectivity: ShadowConnect supports IBM Websphere MQ Series, MSMQ, Web Services, File-based and /or Vendor APIs direct connectivity.
  • Wide Range of Format Types: ShadowConnect recognizes FIX, FIXML, XML, delimited text, database table, fixed length and variable length message protocols for both inbound and outbound messages.
  • Highly Configurable: ShadowConnect is middleware agnostic and features configurable field and record mappings.
  • Comprehensive and Flexible: ShadowConnect supports all asset classes.
  • Exceptional Reporting Capabilities: ShadowConnect’s detailed reports include complete audit trails of imports received, imports transformed, trades received, trades routed, exports sent, and other pertinent information. Exceptions are flagged where action is required.


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