ShadowMargin Addresses Strategy-based Margin Processing

ShadowMargin™ is a standalone product that provides a comprehensive highly scalable and configurable solution for strategy-based Reg-T and Day Trader margin processing. Leveraging relational database technology, it can be integrated into existing clearance and settlement systems such as Shadow’s ShadowSuite® system.


Automate Margin Processing

ShadowMargin is built on the same multi-asset class, multi-currency, real-time platform that is the foundation of the ShadowSuite middle and back-office system, which allows it to produce calls in multiple currencies intra-day and at end-of-day.

ShadowMargin’s features and functionality include:

  • Variety of Calls: ShadowMargin can generate Reg-T, Money Due, Required Maintenance, Concentrated Maintenance and Equity Maintenance calls in compliance with NYSE Rule 431. ShadowMargin provides for a number of mechanisms by which calls can be met such as cash and security deposits, market appreciation and Special Memorandum Account (SMA).
  • Supports Numerous Instruments: ShadowMargin covers a variety of instruments such as equities, equity options, convertible bonds, corporate bonds, exempt debt securities and foreign exchange contracts.
  • Handles Extension Requests: ShadowMargin can generate extension requests for overdue margin calls. Using ShadowMargin, extensions can be tracked by status as well as date.
  • Highly Configurable: ShadowMargin is user-configurable and allows for configuration of multiple margin schedules, levels of optimization and types of calls, allowing users to create “what if” scenarios.
  • Vendor-neutral Connectivity: ShadowMargin’s connectivity is provided via an agnostic file import and messaging facilities that allow for the feeding of trades, positions, cash and account information both real-time and end-of-day.
  • Exceptional Reporting Capabilities: ShadowMargin’s comprehensive reports include money line; trade/position/cash; margin call; day trading; SMA activity; and account extension.
  • Delivery Options: ShadowMargin can be deployed as either client-hosted software or as a service.


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