ShadowSuite Business Features


ShadowSuite gives organizations with multiple entities the ability to set up each individual entity on one instance of the system. Each entity will have its own independent books and records. The only shared resource, at the user’s discretion, is the security master.



ShadowSuite provides full books and records for each currency traded on the application along with a consolidated view in the entity’s reporting currency.


Multi-Book P&L:

ShadowSuite provides multi-level P&L reporting. Three levels of P&L reporting can be designated by the user. For example, P&L at the firm level, desk level and strategy level. Each level is derived from the same relational database so each level is a subset of the aggregate P&L.


On-line Historical View of Data:

All ShadowSuite screens have the ability to select a date or a range of dates and refresh to do historical research on the same screens used to do today’s business. ShadowSuite’s reports can be run ad hoc as needed, rather than having to wait for end-of-day processing.


Full Audit Trail:

ShadowSuite also maintains a full audit trail of all activity to address any needs of your audit department or regulatory body. ShadowSuite captures the user ID, date, time and machine ID for all information that is entered or altered in the system, along with the data elements that were affected during modifications.


User Configurable Security:

ShadowSuite clients control access to all windows, reports and business functionality via the internal user configurable security system. Roles are defined and assigned by the client to permit user access to specific components of the system.


Real-time Information Update:

ShadowSuite is a real-time system. As information is received from real-time sources, the data is processed and made available for viewing and reporting. ShadowSuite speaks message-to-message with the clearing corporations and external systems during the current day, T, and does during the current day, T, what legacy systems do during their overnight batch-cycle. ShadowSuite is T+2 and T+1 compliant today. Processing of data is scheduled for end-of-day only in those circumstances where the information is not available on a real-time basis from external sources or where end-of-day processing is appropriate.


24 x 7 System Availability:

ShadowSuite is designed for constant user access throughout a 24 hour period. For firms with offices in different time zones ShadowSuite can follow-the-sun as the system provides the proper tools to manage close-of-business issues between organization entities. Users have 24 x 7 access to their firm’s database on ShadowSuite. Unlike legacy systems that kick users out so they can run the overnight batch-cycle, ShadowSuite users maintain access to the database while ShadowSuite runs its much smaller end-of-day cycle of truly inter-day items like valuations, unrealized P&L calculations and bond interest accruals.


Work Flow:

ShadowSuite is designed to facilitate the coordination between different departments and individuals within a department. Multi-level access, error and alert queues and management control dashboards are examples of how the application supports the daily work cycle.